Packers President Talks About Aaron Rodgers Trade But Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Packers helmet

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

The Green Bay Packers and New York Jets are bound to make a trade at some point, right? RIGHT?!

It’s a foregone conclusion that Aaron Rodgers is going to be dealt to New York.

Even if rumors are swirling of other teams possibly interested in stealing him away.

Both fan bases are on the edge of their seats just waiting for this trade to finalize. Now, the Packers President, Mark Murphy, sheds light on the situation.

However, he leaves fans more puzzled, as he doesn’t provide much clarity at all.

According to Rob Demovsky, Murphy didn’t seem too open to sharing any details about the ongoing trade talks.

Even so, everything else he talks about in the video doesn’t provide any answers for an eventual Aaron Rodgers trade.

Will this deal ever be done? Packers fans and Jets fans alike seem to be completely fed up with the lack of movement. They share some of their reactions to the latest update.

Some believe the NFL is forcing the Packers and Jets to wait until the Draft to make the announcement.

Some Packers fans are losing faith in the front office.

I have to agree, Joe Douglas was much more entertaining.

Let’s wrap this up. We got stuff to do!

Rumors are the Packers and Jets are still trying to figure out the compensation.

We’re sure a deal will be done. But as of now, it’s not clear when the trade will come to fruition.

It very well could happen during the NFL Draft.

But for the sake of Packers and Jets fans, can the deal finally be made?