Paddy Pimblett Responds To Call Out Despite Long Road To Recovery

Paddy Pimblett

Getty Image / Sean M. Haffey

UFC 288 was exciting in more ways than one as the organization allowed for some solid callouts and trash talk.

One fighter turned heads though as he called out Paddy Pimblett, even though the fan favorite is currently in the middle of a long road to recovery.

For now, it’s unclear when Pimblett can return. However, he didn’t shy away from being called out by rising star Matt Frevola.

According to MMA Junkie, Frevola had some choice words for Paddy Pimblett after his win at UFC 288. Here’s what he had to say into the mic at the event.

“Paddy Pimblett, you absolutely suck. Stop being a b***h and let’s fight. You’re on a four-fight win streak. I’m on a three-fight win streak. If you’re in the UFC, you can’t pick and choose your fights. You’ve got to fight who the fans want to see you fight.”

It’s a solid callout overall. However, Paddy Pimblett literally can’t fight as he’s in the middle of recovery from an ankle injury.

However, Pimblett responded to the callout on Instagram, per MMA Junkie.

“‘Bit of a weird time to call me out when I can’t even train,’ Pimblett responded in a recent Instagram post. ‘But (yes) I’d fight Frevola when I’m back, probably the easiest route into the top 15.'”

So, it sounds like Pimblett is down for a scrap against Matt Frevola. However, Paddy Pimblett seems to think he may not be available until 2024 after responding to a fan on Instagram.

“I’ll get back in the gym when I can pal. For now, the doctors have told me I cannot train.”

Despite that, Frevola seems adamant to fight Pimblett in November at Madison Square Garden. Here is Matt Frevola talking about it during his appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

Everything depends on how quickly Paddy Pimblett can recover from his ankle surgery. From the sounds of it, he’s still a long way away from even getting back to training.

For that reason, maybe Frevola should consider taking on another opponent in the mean time.