Pat McAfee Escalates Feud With Adam Cole By Mocking His Height Before Punting Him Into The End Zone

Pat McAfee Adam Cole NXT Fight


The feud between Pat McAfee and NXT star Adam Cole turned ugly last night.

The former NFL punter was escorted out of the building after calling Cole a “tiny, itty-bitty, short, little bitch” and punting the former champion into next Wednesday’s show.

Last month, Cole stormed off the set of the Pat McAfee show after the Pro Bowl punter and NXT star got into a war of words which ended with McAfee calling the 6’0″ (wink wink) performer “kind of small.”

Pat tweeted photos of himself and Cole from earlier in the day that made it appear as though issues had been settled between the pair.

However, when McAfee joined the show to do commentary for the main event tag match between Cole’s Undisputed Era and Imperium, he continued to say disparaging remarks about the performer.

Near the end of the match, Cole confronts McAfee at the announce desk and challenges him to back up the talk. Referees and NXT officials – including Triple H and Shawn Michaels – keep them apart.

McAfee turns to leave but changes his mind, returns to call Cole “tiny, itty-bitty, short, little bitch”, and punt him deep into the opposing team’s end zone.

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