Patrick Beverley Gets Clowned For Saying LeBron Is ‘Not Hard To Guard At All’ After LeBron Dropped 28

Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Patrick Beverley should know better.

Trolling is only ever effective if it contains truth and there are exactly zero people on the planet who you can convince of LeBron James being an easy cover.

This is a buffoonish statement to make on a LeBron off-night, never mind when he hangs these stats on your ass and beats your team:

28 Points
9 Assists
7 Rebounds
2 Blocks

41 FG%
12/15 FTM

Trae Young’s assessment of LeBron’s performance was a tad bit more complimentary of James.


Beverley was obviously still hot from LBJ nearly sending him into the third row with the flick of one wrist.

James made seven of 17 shots in the game but did not take any against Beverley, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. I don’t know if this helps Bev’s case or hurts it.

To Bev’s credit, he did tip his cap to the Lakers after losing 112-103 in their continued fight for the best team in the city.

“We gotta give them a lot of credit,” Beverley said after Sunday’s 112-103 defeat. “… They took it personal … It’s one game. Of course, living in L.A., man, it’s hard to deal with this loss, but we have to wash it down the shower, keep getting better, and we will.”

But, no one ever remembers the cap tips. As it should be.

Stay petty, Bev.

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