Peyton and Eli Manning Drop ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy,’ A Late Contender for Song of the Summer

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Peyton Manning and Eli Manning created another song for DirectTV to satisfy those special people out there who were left wanting more by Football on Your Phone. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain; these people most certainly exist.

The Super Bowl-winning brothers continue their quest to be a more athletically gifted version of The Lonely Island. A giant jerk would view this and dismissively suggest they don’t quit their day jobs. I am not that guy.

Honestly, Fantasy Football Fantasy is a pretty solid effort chock-full of  cameos and other members of the Manning’s nuclear family. One should feel no shame when they catch themselves singing the dorky lyrics several hours from now.

Part of me has always wondered if the Mannings’ aw-shucks personalities are nothing more than marketing ploys. God knows it’s paid off in spades if so.

[H/T: For the Win]


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