The Eagles Had A Locker Room Push-Ups Contest With 265-Pound Connor Barwin Sitting On Players’ Backs

In these videos things seem a lot less hectic in the Philadelphia Eagles’ locker room than they appear based on national media attention. Sports media would have us believe that Chip Kelly is a madman and the Philadelphia Eagles‘ locker room is a tense place to be right now, only these videos show center Jason Kelce and nose tackle Beau Allen engaging in a push-up contest with OLB Connor Barwin (6-4, 256-pounds) sitting on their backs.

This doesn’t exactly seem like stressed-out behavior to me, what about you?

Jason Kelce: 6-3, 295-pounds

Beau Allen: 6-2, 333-pounds

Now because this is a push-up contest between two teammates there has to be a winner. The folks over at BleedingGreenNation (SBNation’s Eagles blog) have put together a poll for voters to choose who won. As of the time of publication the voting stands at 87% Jason Kelce (2439 votes) vs. 13% Beau Allen (354 votes)…You bros agree with that? And is this going to improve the Eagles’ output on the field this season?

Or is this what we’re to expect from the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles’ season?