Phillies Broadcast Crew Gets Lit Up For Criticizing Francisco Lindor’s Lazy Toss On Double Play

Francisco Lindor playing against the Phillies

Getty Image / Elsa

There are so many unwritten rules in baseball it’s hard to keep track. It’s getting to the point where old heads complain about something that really isn’t an issue.

That certainly seemed to be the case on Wednesday night, as the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast crew called out Francisco Lindor’s double play.

Philadelphia utilized a hit and run play, but the ball landed right in Lindor’s glove. After that, he lazily threw the ball to first, as the runner had no time to get back.

Almost immediately, the Phillies broadcast crew criticized Francisco Lindor’s efforts. They essentially called the play “unprofessional.”

I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with this play. Why use maximum energy to get the guy out when you don’t have to? Save your energy for another play that needs it.

On the flip side, it’s hard to imagine biased opinions aren’t in play here. I mean, it’s the Phillies broadcast crew watching the team record two outs in a single play.

MLB fans were quick to light them up though, as most baseball fans didn’t feel the same way.

I can get behind this.

Anything but a soft toss!

Old heads are always yelling about something.

Even Phillies fans have Francisco Lindor’s back.

What this guy said!

It’s calls like these that seem to bring all baseball fans together. Especially considering there was nothing wrong with what Lindor did on that play.

Thanks to social media, baseball fans across the country are able to call out announcers mercilessly.