Is This Photo Colts Owner Jim Irsay Tweeted Douche or Bro?

Despite being 53, he headed to Twitter yesterday to snap the below picture while wearing a hat cocked to the side and what appears to be a graphic tee.

Then a few minutes later, he did it again! Because fuck your bullshit rules about social etiquette.

(Neither have been deleted.)

So it should go without saying that this was a bizarre thing for a billionare NFL owner to do yesterday—although we've seen much crazier behavior this year from one other billionare owner I can think of off the top of my head. But here's the big question: Was it a douche move or a bro move?

Evidence pointing to Douche: The hat and the shirt, for one. Replace the lid with a visor, and Irsay looks like Jamie Kennedy in “Malibu's Most Wanted.” And the shirt? Let's just say it doesn't look unlike something the Situation would rock to Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grill in Seaside.

Evidence pointing to Bro: Bucking the social norm of how NFL owners should act by smack talking on Twitter is Bro. Referring to your workout (I think?) as “the Monster” is also acceptable.

Verdict: Who cares? Go Colts.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]