Pittsburgh Steelers Punter Brad Wing Salvaged A Lucky Two-Point Conversion After Dropping Snap


Near the end of the first half in Pittsburgh’s rout over Baltimore last night, Steelers punter Brad Wing went all butterfingers as he was holding an extra point attempt. Instead of doing what I’d do in a similar situation — which is FREAK OUT — he calmly picked the ball up and tossed a wobbly pass to Matt Spaeth for a two-point conversion.


It was at this point all Ravens fans abandoned hope. When something like that happens, it’s probably not your night.

Wing’s fling earned him a place in the record books as the first Australian to ever throw for points in the NFL. Aussies, of course, have a proud tradition of kicking things through goal posts. Once they become self-aware and figure out what their arms are for, there will be no stopping them.

[Vine via FanSided]