Players Are So Mad About Their ‘Madden’ Ratings That EA Sports Is Responding To Them

by 7 months ago
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EA Sports

A couple of weeks ago, EA Sports started to drum up excitement for the upcoming release of Madden 19 when they revealed which NFL players have been bestowed with a perfect rating heading into the upcoming season. However, the real fun started when they rolled out the ratings for the rest of the players in the league, many of whom were not exactly thrilled with the assessment of their skill set.

Over the past few days, a number of players have put the “mad” in “Madden after getting wind of their ratings, but I don’t think anyone has taken it to the extreme that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette did after the rookie learned he’d “only” earned a rating of 87 from the people responsible for assigning scores.

Fournette hopped on Twitter after the video was shot to confirm he’s as salty as a bottle of soy sauce and EA Sports hopped into his mentions to let him know he’s allowed to appeal his rating as long as he can provide video evidence to refute their claims.

In fairness to Fournette, the  “Experts” have assigned some questionable ratings to players ahead of this year’s season— like giving Tom Brady better Catch stats than Nick Foles after two different plays in the Super Bowl proved one of them clearly had better hands.

However, instead of appealing, it seems Fournette would rather be taken out of the game entirely based on the perceived disrespect.

I don’t know if the Jag will actually be able to pull a Bill Belichick but I have to say I respect the pettiness.

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