Randy Moss Gets Comfortable On ESPN By Saying The Groundskeepers Should Be Fired Over The Hall Of Fame Game Snafu

It’s been no secret that there have been all kinds of shake-ups in the sports-entertainment world. You got guys jumping ship from ESPN in favor of Fox Sports. Then you got guys coming in to fill in the now empty chairs at ESPN. Like Randy Moss, who was recruited for one of the network’s football coverage teams a few months ago. And now ole’ Rand-Dog is making his mark by calling for someone to lose their job.

This of course was in response to the Hall of Fame Game between the Packers and Colts being cancelled due to the fact that the paint did not dry correctly.

I’m going to be real honest, I do not think that this is that big of a deal. It’s fucking preseason. During the Olympics. These two teams play each other in the regular season. I am just completely befuddled as to why everyone is so upset about this. If this was a regular season game, sure, fire someone. Fire a lot of someones. That’s a bad look. But some preseason game involving last year’s 8-8 Indianapolis Colts is not worth getting this upset over. Maybe Moss is just trying establish his shtick. Maybe we’ll now be getting a personality who hates people that don’t make millions of dollars. “Fire them!! Fire everyone!! FIRE EVERYTHING!!” That’s what the new ESPN is starting to look like.