Fox CFB Analyst Reggie Bush Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Donald Trump Is Faking Coronavirus Diagnosis To Avoid Debate Against Joe Biden

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Last night Donald Trump and his wife Melania announced that they had tested positive for Coronavirus but Fox college football analyst Reggie Bush thinks there’s something fishy going on about the timing of Trump’s positive COVID-19 test result.

The FOX Sports College Football analyst and former NFL player went on Twitter to say that he believes Trump is faking his Coronavirus diagnosis to avoid another “disastrous debate” against Joe Biden.

Bush went on to double down on his bizarre conspiracy theory in a second Twitter post.

As of now, the President is reportedly experiencing “mild” COVID-19 symptoms and it’s unclear if he’ll be able to participate in the second Presidential debate scheduled for the 15th of October.

Despite all the conspiracy theories being floated around on the Internet it’s hard to imagine that Trump and Biden won’t debate at least one more time before the Novemeber 5th election.

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