Even Riley Curry Doesn’t Know What’s Going On With The Warriors, Asks Draymond Green ‘Why Do We Keep Losing?’

riley curry draymond green

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The Golden State Warriors own the worst record in the NBA at 3-14 and have lost nine of their last 10 games. Based on the last handful of NBA seasons it doesn’t seem like that sentence should be true, but it is, the Warriors are not a good basketball team.

With that being said, they’re not a good basketball team right now due to Steph Curry being sidelined with a broken hand and Klay Thompson likely out for the season with a torn ACL. It also doesn’t help that Kevin Durant is a Brooklyn Net, either, but that’s what they’re dealing with at the moment.

Everyone is taking notice of how bad the Warriors have been so far this season and that includes Steph Curry’s 7-year-old daughter, Riley.

According to The Athletic, Draymond Green said that Riley just straight up asked him why the team keeps on losing.

“The other day, I was getting them out of the family room after the (Celtics) game and Riley Curry was in there. She’s like: ‘Did we lose?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, Riley, we lost.’ She’s like: ‘Why do we keep losing?’”

Riley is, of course, aware that her father isn’t playing due to his hand injury, but as far back as her young brain can remember the Warriors have never struggled. She can only remember them going to the NBA Finals year after year, but she knows if this stuff continues as it’s gone so far, that’s not going to be the case this year.

Green hinted that he’s recognized his own kids know nothing but success for Golden State.

“All my kids know is the Warriors winning. So, us losing, it doesn’t make sense to them,” he furthered.

Even the player’s own children are out here dogging on the no-good Warriors. What a difference a year makes, huh?