This Slow-Motion Video Of Gronk Catching Fireball Deserves To Be In A Goddamn Museum

We’ve been covering Rob Gronkowski‘s Super Bowl drinking escapades nonstop here at BroBible. Yesterday at the parade Gronk wasn’t seen without a drink in his hand. But that was then and this is now, and now the truly incredible clips are beginning to surface.

One such clips shows Gronk catching a bottle of Fireball in slow-motion, and the emotional roller coaster seen on his face is one that will teach you what it means to love something again. For in this moment Gronk loves nothing other than Fireball, and couldn’t be happier to have a bottle of it in his hand. It’s incredible:

He’s like an infant who just got their first taste of ice cream, or a puppy who was just given his first bone. It’s pure joy when Gronk gets his hands on some Fireball.

But Gronk drinking doesn’t stop just there. As it turns out, Rob Gronkowski’s favorite drink is NOT Fireball. In fact, Rob Gronkowski’s favorite drink is one you might expect to see on ‘Sex and the City’, and not one associated with a Super Bowl champ.

Tip of the hat to Michael Katz at SBNation for finding and sharing this video!