MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Ripped By Fans For Absurd Statement About All-Star Game Uniforms

Rob Manfred Ripped By Fans For All-Star Game Uniforms Statement

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Another significant Major League Baseball event is in the books with the 2022 All-Star Game being played on Tuesday night.

And as is customary with occasions such as this, MLB has once again managed to screw something up.

In a tradition that only Major League Baseball seems to be able to pull off on a regular basis, many fans were left disappointed by the league’s uniforms designs.

Much like with this year’s 4th of July caps, the 2021 All-Star Game, the 2021 Field of Dreams game, and the 2019 Players Weekend, many people absolutely hated the 2022 All-Star Game uniforms.

Not that Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred gives a crap.

Rob Manfred’s take on the All-Star Game uniforms made a whole lot of fans very angry

When New York Times baseball columnist Tyler Kepner asked Manfred about the All-Star uniforms prior to the game, the commissioner’s response was, “I never thought that a baseball team wearing different jerseys in a game was a particularly appealing look for us.”

Wow. The commissioner of Major League Baseball actually said that.

Manfred also praised Nike for their uniform designs, because of course he did. They help pay his annual salary of $17.5 million (while most Minor Leaguers continue to live below the poverty line).

So, as has also become an almost daily tradition when it comes to Major League Baseball, many people ripped Rob Manfred to shreds for not having a single clue about what fans really want to see.

Not sure what is worse as a baseball fan, Rob Manfred calling the World Series trophy “a piece of metal” or his claim about the hideous All-Star Game uniforms.

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