ESPN’s Andy Kennedy Mixed Up Rob Burgundy And Ron Jeremy On-Air While Tom Hart Was Crying With Laughter

ESPN mixes up Ron Jeremy and Ron Burgundy

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ESPN’s broadcast of #11 Auburn (20-2, 7-2 SEC) taking on SEC rival Arkansas (16-6, 4-5 SEC) last night was wildly entertaining and not just because the game went to overtime where the Auburn Tigers prevailed 79-76 on the road.

Just after the tip of the second half, ESPN college basketball analyst Andy Kennedy mixed up Will Ferrell‘s Ron Burgundy from Anchorman with Ron Jeremy who has 1,540 credits on his IMDB page, most of which are starring roles in adult films. He’s arguably the most famous and successful male porn star in history despite looking like the maître d’ at a cheap Italian restaurant in Syracuse. Ron Jeremy’s a face that just about everyone recognizes, male or female, and he’s a global celebrity who transcended the title of ‘porn star’ decades ago.

Ron Jeremy

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I understand that our brains make weird associations. I accidentally called my 2nd-grade teacher ‘mom’ once and it still haunts me decades later. But for an ESPN analyst to make this mistake on a live broadcast after seeing a large cutout of Ron Burgundy’s face is just too good to not take pleasure in.

This clip came from a fellow Tottenham Hotspur fan who caught it live on TV last night and within moments of him tweeting out the clip below ‘Ron Jeremy’ was trending on Twitter. If Max’s tweet isn’t loading for you then you can click here to access it directly on Twitter

You know what the cherry on top was? The game was tied 69-69 going into overtime so pretty much everyone watching the SEC Network was able to make the same ‘NICE’ joke. Even the analyst threw a ‘NICE’ in on the live broadcast.

I love how he threw in the ‘that’s a whole nother channel’ on the Ron Jeremy comment as if there are people out there still watching XXX films on TV. It’s 2020. If you’re paying for those films you’re not doing it right.