What Happens To The Rose Bowl Following The PAC 12’s Collapse?

A view of the Rose Bowl ahead of a matchup between Utah and Ohio State.

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Conference realignment has completely changed the landscape of college sports. Most effected by the movement has been the PAC 12, whose future is uncertain following the loss of eight members.

The Conference of Champions has been involved in some of college football’s most historic moments, including its most storied bowl game. Fans and media are discussing the future outlook of the “Grandaddy of them all” online.

The Rose Bowl has been a football staple since 1902, having been played annually since 1916. The “East-West” matchup typically pits Big Ten and PAC 12 opponents against one another each year in Pasadena.

Now, though, the PAC 12 has begun to crumble. A number of notable programs have opted to leave the conference as they announce intentions to join new leagues in 2024.

USC and UCLA paved the way, hopping to the Big Ten next year. Colorado followed suit this offseason with an announcement to join the Big XII, sparking a domino effect.

Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah will follow the Buffaloes to the Big XII. Oregon and Washington meanwhile will team back up with the Trojans and Bruins in the B1G.

Now, just four teams remain as the PAC 12 picks up the pieces.

That uncertainty has led to questions surrounding the future of the Rose Bowl. Brett McMurphy filled fans in on that future this week. It looks like the game will no longer have tie-ins as college football moves into the expanded playoff.

This isn’t necessarily a new development as it had been previously that the Rose Bowl would change its setup in the new playoff structure. No longer will it be restricted to the Big Ten-PAC 12 tie-in.

Instead, it will be a feature matchup within the CFP field. This came after the college football powers extended an ultimatum for the bowl game to join.

Fans have been quick to respond.

The Rose Bowl tradition is gone, but it will still remain one of the most important games of the year.