Russell Westbrook Torches Lakers Fans After Yet Another Loss, NBA Twitter Comes To His Defense

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Russell Westbrook’s time in Los Angeles has not gone according to plan. The nine-time All-Star and 2017 MVP was supposed to be the piece that propelled the Lakers to an NBA title.

Instead, L.A. has fallen off of the 10-seed for the second time this season. The Lakers’ playoff hopes are definitely up in the air and the team will need to really turn it on down the stretch to ensure that they get in.

As of right now they would not even qualify for the play-in.

But Los Angeles just cannot get anything going. The Lakers dropped yet another game that it looked like they were going to win on Friday after holding the lead in the fourth quarter.

Amidst the struggle, Westbrook has been continuously roasted by both Los Angeles fans and opposing fans. He simply cannot leave them alone, which only causes them to get louder.

And yet, he doesn’t really seem to care about his own team’s fans heckling him since his arrival. He made a very telling comment after Friday’s loss that makes it clear just how over the whole thing that he is.

After being under constant criticism all year, Westbrook does not care to even attempt to have a relationship with his own fans.

Of course, NBA Twitter was all over his comments.

Westbrook’s future with the Lakers is unclear. For right now, he and his teammates need to focus on making the playoffs first.