Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Private Office’ Claims About Russell Wilson Has NFL Fans Losing It

Russell Wilson

Getty Image / Katelyn Mulcahy

Shannon Sharpe hasn’t minced words when discussing Russell Wilson. However, his latest claims have everyone buzzing.

While talking about the Denver Broncos head coach search, Sharpe may have revealed something about Wilson that was previously unknown.

According to The NY Post, Shannon Sharpe claims that Russell Wilson’s teammates are “seething” over his “attitude.” Additionally, the Hall of Fame tight end believes that Wilson’s “ego” is becoming a problem as well.

While on Undisputed, Sharpe exclaims that the next head coach of the Broncos needs to take away Russell Wilson’s private office and six parking spots at the facility. Additionally, Shannon Sharpe makes it sound like Wilson’s teammates are incredibly upset with him. Watch the full clip below.

Sharpe’s comments about the Broncos quarterback having a private office at the facility is gaining attention from NFL fans. Even Darius Butler from The Pat McAfee Show couldn’t believe his ears.

It’s evident Broncos fans are furious with the organization for how it has handled everything so far. The franchise gave up its future to acquire Russell Wilson. To be fair, the team was pegged as a possible Super Bowl contender when the trade was finalized. But it’s been a disaster ever since. With reports coming out that Wilson has his own private office and his teammates are allegedly upset with him, the fanbase seems fed up with the veteran quarterback.

The head coaching search is going to be interesting in Denver.

Broncos fans fear the worst for whoever becomes the next head coach.

It will surely be interesting to see who the Broncos hire as head coach. Maybe the right guy can turn things around. Despite that, the organization could be in big trouble this offseason. Especially if Shannon Sharpe’s comments about the locker room are true. Maybe Russell Wilson will address these rumors himself, as that could possibly clear the air. Based on how the fanbase feels, it might be too late.