Saquon Barkley Explains Why His Own Father Will Wear A Jets Jersey To Sunday’s Giants-Jets Game

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The true test of fandom is not sticking by your team when they are trash season after season. That’s child’s play. The true indicator of one’s fandom is birthing a son who goes on to play for a different NFL team repping the same state and genuinely being hung up on which team to root for.

That is the conundrum of Alibay Barkley, father to Saquon and die hard New York Jets fan.

How die hard, you ask? One picture tells the whole story.

Saquon’s 2-7 New York Giants will take on the 1-7 New York Jets on Sunday to see who will hold the crown of the Most Embarrassing Team In New York.

Instead of writing off the Jets season because they suck donkey nads and focusing on the individual growth of his son, Alibay Barkley will reportedly wear the Joe Namath jersey Saquon gave him as a gift years ago.

“At the end of the day, I knew this situation was going to come up. But I’m happy for him. I was a Jets fan growing up, too, so it’s fun. It’s going to be a little fun competition in the Barkley house.”

“He’s been a Jets fan his whole life,” Barkley explained. “Is he going to root for the Jets? Yes. But he’s going to root for the Giants and his son at the same time. He gets the best of both worlds. Watches the team he grew up rooting for and gets to watch his son live his dream.”

Alibay told last year that there’s in order for a Giants accolade to get inked onto his body next to the Jets one, Saquon has to win football’s grand prize.

“Let Saquon win a Super Bowl with the Giants, and then I’ll think about putting a 26 and the trophy right here. He’s got work to do. Until then, it’s Jets and that’s what.”

Tough love. Kids don’t get enough of it these days.



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