Mountain-Like ‘Scariest Man On The Planet’ Will Make MMA Debut Against Giant ‘Iranian Hulk’

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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 30: Martyn Ford attends the World Premiere of "Final Score" at The Ham Yard Hotel on August 30, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage)

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Martyn Ford is known as the “Scariest Man on the Planet” because of his hulking body that stands at a towering 6’8′ and is a bulky 320 pounds. Last month, Ford was signed to a professional Mixed Martial Arts contract with Polish promotion KSW. Today, we finally get word on his first opponent and they are no slouch in their own right.

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The only person who you should ever compete against is the man you see in the mirror !! Ignore external distractions, negativity and hyped up bull shit. Set personal goals, and follow a plan, the only way to be truly successful, is to beat that man in the mirror daily !!! My diet has started, I need to drop this puppy fat and get myself ready for action !!! So here is my starting daily diet for week 1 – Meal 1) 100g oats, 3 whole eggs, 6 egg whites Meal 2) 50g rice, 200g Turkey, green vegetables Meal 3) 200g sweet potato, 200s white fish, large salad bowl, 1/2 avocado Meal 4) 300g steak, green veg Meal 5) 50g rice, 200g Turkey, large green salad Meal 6) 300g steak, 200g cottage cheese, large green salad Meal 7) 200g salmon, green veg, 1 tablespoon Udos oil Meal 8) 200g chicken breast, 300g cottage cheese, large green salad Consuming around 5-6 litres of water daily, I will sip on BCAA through the day, and post training just protein for now. Let’s see what the next few weeks brings. @ignite.nutrition #martynford #ignite

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The Scariest Man on the Planet will make his MMA debut against a man who also has a cool nickname — the “Iranian Hulk.” Sajad Gharibi is only 6’1″ and weighs 340 pounds will attempt to take on the mountain of a man that is Ford when the fight goes down sometime in 2019. The “Iranian Hulk” is a former wrestler turned bodybuilding turned MMA fighter. You wouldn’t like the Iranian Hulk when he’s angry.

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من ادعایی نکردم اما اینو میتونم بگم که حجم تاریخ ایران میسازم حجمی که ایران به چشم ندیده باشه اگه بعضی کامنت ها اینو رد میکنن خوشحال میشم ورزشکار حجمی تر از خودم ببینم البته اگه باشه 188 cm 185 kg حداقل اینه که رکورد گینس در دست میگیرم اجازه میدم فایتر عربستانی به من ضربه بزنه البته اگه ضربات تون اثر داشته باشه عربستانی ها من از دایرکت دعوت نکید مرد باشید رسمی بیایید چلنج دو سال پیش من از ترس قبول نکردند

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The 36-year-old Ford will be making his MMA debut a little later in life than most, but he makes up for his youthfulness with an insane amount of muscle mass. He even trains with the former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall.

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IMPORTANCE OF A TRUE TRAINING PARTNER !!! Fitness can be a lonely place at times, that last rep, set, endless hours of torture you put yourself through, can be made all that more enjoyable if your lucky enough to find someone who loves that pain just as much as YOU For years I trained on my own, not realising just how important it is to have someone there to push you that one step further. Forced reps, negatives, drops all made that more intense when you have a helping hand. @eddiehallwsm (when he’s not making me drink his sweat) is not a bad training partner 😂 although I have more of a workout unloading his weight of the bar for my next set 😂😂. Watch this space, for we are both on a mission to transform, goal setting is KEY to achieve anything in life, the goal is set, now time to focus and be all we can, just to prove once more, anything is possible with a dream and heart @ignite.nutrition #martynford #wsm #eddiehall #film #actor #ofgodsandwarriors #finalscore

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The British fighter even hits the gym with Hulk Hogan in Florida.

Ford is also an actor who has appeared in movies such as Final Score, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Viking Destiny, and Redcon-1.

Ford, who wanted to be a cricket player when he was young, has made an incredible body transformation since his teens and is now a gargantuan human being.

You can see why Ford was named the “Scariest Man on the Planet.”

Except in this photo.

Should be a fantastic fight between the Scariest Man on the Planet and the Iranian Hulk.

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Managed to smash out an incredible session with two of my team tonight, nothing like building team spirit that a big ass session in the gym, focusing on compounds and fitness work. Weight slowly coming down, fitness gradually creeping up, and strength stabilised nicely, so I can’t moan to much. Creating that overall athletic, performance physique is a challenging yet satisfying journey. Leaning daily on what works for me, life is all about progression and education, taking advice from the wise, to give you all the skills needed to be the best version of YOU. Never compare yourself to those around you, Simply look into the mirror and aim to beat the person looking back at you each time @ignite.nutrition #martynford #ignite

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