KJ Wright Delivers The Boldest Take Ever For the Seahawks 2022 Season

KJ Wright Delivers The Boldest Take Ever For the Seahawks 2022 Season

Getty Image / Steven Ryan

Pretty much everyone is of the belief that the Seattle Seahawks are in a rebuilding year after the front office traded away Russell Wilson. They were able to acquire multiple exciting prospects, however, they need time to develop. Regardless, retired linebacker KJ Wright makes the boldest claim ever, as he somehow believes the Seahawks can make the playoffs in the 2022 NFL season.

KJ Wright Thinks The Seahawks Are Playoff Contenders

During an appearance on Good Morning Football, Wright delivered a hot take for the ages. Now, it’s important to note that he just recently signed a one-day contract with Seattle just so he could retire as a Seahawk. So maybe there is just a tad bit of bias in his take. Regardless, the former linebacker claims he believes this franchise will be pushing for a playoff spot late in the season.

It’s extremely difficult to imagine a scenario where the Seahawks make the playoffs this season. Geno Smith or Drew Lock are currently battling it out for the starting quarterback spot. That alone should tell you Seattle likely won’t be making much noise this year. Additionally, there are a ton of prospects on the roster and the best approach is for the coaching staff to develop them.

They say denial is the first step in the grieving process and that might be what’s going on with KJ Wright. We’ll see how this upcoming season plays out for the Seahawks but they’ll need a ton of help to make the playoffs. For starters, they have to beat out the Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals, and/or the San Francisco 49ers, all of which look like guaranteed playoff contenders this year.

The Seahawks likely appreciate the love from KJ Wright here, but let’s slow down a tad because this team is not equipped for a playoff appearance in 2022.

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