Sean Payton Addresses The Rumors Regarding Him And Kyler Murray

Sean Payton

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

There has been a lot of chatter about Kyler Murray lately. Especially after Terry Bradshaw made a bold claim regarding the team’s head coaching search.

It was recently reported that Sean Payton didn’t want the Arizona Cardinals’ job because he didn’t want to work with Kyler Murray.

Now, the new head coach of the Denver Broncos addresses those rumors.

While on the Up and Adams Show with Amy Adams, Sean Payton was given the opportunity to talk about wild rumors. He straight-up denies that he didn’t want to coach Kyler Murray.

To be fair, Terry Bradshaw has been a bit of a loose cannon on the air lately. Even so, Sean Payton makes it clear how he truly feels about Murray and the Cardinals organization.

Maybe Bradshaw took something Payton said and turned it into something else. Have you ever played that game telephone? It’s extremely plausible that Terry Bradshaw thought Sean Payton didn’t like Kyler Murray just because he critiqued the young quarterback.

From the sounds of it, Arizona might have been a real option for Payton. Especially considering how he analyzes both the Cardinals and the Broncos as being in a similar situation in terms of challenges.

In the end, Sean Payton ended up going to Denver after the front office made a trade with the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile, Arizona is still searching for its new head coach.

Look for the Cardinals to make a decision shortly after the Super Bowl. But just to reiterate, Sean Payton claims he likes Kyler Murray and that’s not a reason why he didn’t choose the Cardinals.