Security Guard Takes A Vicious Face Plant While Attending To Unruly Fan During Atlanta Braves Broadcast


While many things betray you as you age–metabolism, attractiveness, bowel movements–one thing will always remain constant: watching someone eat shit will always be laugh out loud funny. I’ve wasted days of my life swan diving into a rabbit hole of people taking diggers compilation videos and I don’t plan to change my ways.

Last night, during Fox Sports South’s postgame coverage of the Atlanta Braves, we were gifted with one of the greatest face plants since the ball boy at the US Open tasted the wall. During the broadcast, an unruly Bryce Harper fan ran into the frame and began screaming about the Home Run Derby champ. A security guard sprung into action to tell the dude to buzz off when he was defeated by a little snag in the concrete. Hat falls off. Feet pop into a pre-break-dancing position. Overall score: 8.7/10.


Remind me not to put these Braves broadcasters down as Emergency Contacts. The dudes didn’t even bat an eye when the person hired to protect them bit concrete. Loyalty gets you nowhere anymore.

If you bros have any face plants that rival these try-hard joggers getting exercise in a blizzard, please send them my way. This video is everything.

[h/t Sports Illustrated]