Shane Beamer Apparently Wants To Fight One SEC Coach And Fans Are Now Guessing Who It Is

Shane Beamer calls onto the field.

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Shane Beamer is going viral for comments made about opposing SEC coaches during a recent interview. The South Carolina football coach jokingly said there’s one SEC rival on his schedule that he’d like to fight.

Fans are now trying to guess which coach he was alluding to on social media.

Beamer has made a few enemies in his short time with the Gamecocks. Tennessee fans absolutely abhor the second-year coach, whom they constantly compare to failed Vol project Butch Jones.

A 63-38 shellacking last November didn’t ease those feelings.

Then there’s Kentucky, who’s seen a recent string of success against South Carolina, winning seven of the last 10 meetings. Beamer was able to get the best of the Wildcats last year, though, following head coach Mark Stoops’ preseason comments about his program’s culture.

In a recent interview on the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast, Shane Beamer opened up about some of those rivalries within the conference. He then jokingly answered the following question.

“Who [from the SEC] do you want to fight, and who do you think you can beat in a fight?”

Beamer first names a pair of coaches he considers friends in Sam Pittman and Kirby Smart. He then, without mentioning anyone by name, says there is one SEC foe on his upcoming schedule that he’d like to take down.

“There’s a few I could say, that certainly at times, I definitely would want to fight… I’m not gonna say a name… There’s a few, in particular, that would be a priority at the top of the list.

“My wife and I literally just had that conversation this morning about a team in the SEC that goes back to who I’d want to fight right now, as well. There’s one, in particular, right now that I’m not really high on.”

What a tease.

Fans quickly debated the identity of the coach on social media. Two names continued to come up.

Eli Drinkwitz at Missouri was a popular pick as he’s won his last four games against South Carolina (3x at Mizzou, 1x at App St). Could Beamer be looking for revenge next season?

If not Coach Drinkwitz, we already mentioned the preseason beef between Shane Beamer and Mark Stoops.

The Gamecocks are looking to improve upon an eight-win season that included victories over top 10 programs Tennessee and Clemson. Shane Beamer is already building the anticipation.

Hopefully we get to the bottom of this at some point next season.