Skip Bayless Finds New Low In Questioning LeBron James’ Whereabouts During Kobe Bryant Memorial

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Skip Bayless’ unrelenting LeBron James hate is officially bound by nothing. Not even the biggest tragedy in modern sports.

Skip has gone from irrational:

To just mean:

Skip was questioning why LeBron James wasn’t grieving to his liking by being available for the cameras during Kobe Bryant’s memorial ceremony at the Staple’s Center. Like LeBron has to prove his worth in the wake of losing his friend. This is the thinking of a sociopath or just someone who gets paid to prioritize the wrong things.

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Skip’s piss poor take got him, what the youths refer to as, ‘ratio’ed.’ Unfortunately for the betterment of society, the deragatory comments only enhances his online engagement, boosting his portfolio, and putting money directly into his pocket, all while providing evidence that there is no god.

That last Blues Clues Steve/Steven A. Smith mashup meme gets me every time. What a lasting piece of art.


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