Russia Announces Plan to Kill All Stray Cats and Dogs Before Winter Olympics

In advance of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, officials announced plans to round up and kill all stray cats and dogs. This is what the Olympics are all about!

The stray animals will be exterminated to ensure the safety of visitors and improve the city's image, Sergei Krivonosov, a government official from Sochi, said in an interview with RBC.

“It's obvious that there should be no animals on the streets. We have responsibilities to the international community,” the lawmaker said. “Killing (the animals) is just a faster way to solve this task.” he said

Krivonosov added that he did not agree with the decision, but shelters would be a strain on city finances. Sochi is budgeting about $54,000 for “work to catch and dispose of” the strays.

It’s estimated that 2,000 animals will meet their maker.

Clearly, some insane dashcam footage of this should soon emerge.

[H/T: USA Today]