Seattle’s Obsessed With Football And Weed: 12,000 Joints Rolled For ’12th Man’ Twelve Pack

A weed retailer in Seattle has capitalized on the city’s obsession with the number twelve by rolling 12,000 joints to be sold in twelve packs of joints, in honor of the Seattle Seahawks ’12th Man’.

On December 15, 1984, the Seattle Seahawks retired the number ’12’ in honor of their fans, known as the ’12th Man’…Which I’m sure is some elaborate lie made for the sake of Wikipedia, because as we all know the 12th Man is an insufferable modern creation by the media to make the rest of the nation hate the Seahawks.

At its crux, the 12th Man is nothing more than a truly brilliant marketing scheme by the Seattle Seahawks to make the fans feel as if they have some sort of personal ownership in the team, some intangible stake in the Seahawks that transcends merely being a fan. And I can get on board with that, because more pro sports teams should find funnovative ways to get the fans involved outside of the age old tactic used to sell tickets of ‘fuck you, pay me’.

So this selling of the joints makes perfect sense. Washington is one of two states in the nation where weed is legal for recreational use. Last year’s ‘Weed Bowl’ pitted both teams from the only states where weed is legal (Colorado’s Broncos vs. Washington’s Seahawks), but the whole legalization trend was still far too young for it to catch any steam with the national media. This year is a different story however, weed is no longer taboo and the only person grasping onto any semblance of ‘weed will turn our kids into raping demon gabies’ is Nancy Grace, who nobody with any smarts takes seriously.

So here we are, with the ‘Solstice Grown‘ Seattle dispensary working overtime to roll 12,000 joints, take those joints and stuff them into packs of 12, and then sell those twelve packs to honor the Seahawks’ 12th Man. I say this often, but we truly do live in a beautiful world.

NBC News reports:

A Seattle-based medical marijuana retailer is anticipating Seahawks fans will want a “super bowl” for Sunday’s big game. That’s why employees at Solstice are working to roll a staggering number of joints — 12,000 in all — for its special “12th Pack” promotion ahead of Sunday, when the Seahawks face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. That works out to roughly 180 to 220 joints made during an eight-hour shift — double the normal pace, NBC affiliate KING5 reported. “It’s not like I go home with cramps or anything,” a smiling employee, Katy Filippone, told the station.

The so-called 12th Pack, which is only being sold to medical marijuana users, is a play on the 12th man — the nickname referring to football fans. Solstice says the 12th Pack is filled with a special “Seahawks Blend,” and hopes to make it available to Washington state’s recreational pot users by next season, KING5 reported.

And this isn’t the only Seattle-based weed news of the week. Just yesterday I reported that starting next week Seattle will be rolling out ‘weed vending machines‘, for more on that story you can CLICK HERE. And for even MORE weed related content, you can read about my experience last 4/20 at the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup‘ in Denver, Colorado by clicking HERE.


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