Lucky Sports Gambler Turned A Paltry $20 Bet Into A Payout Worth Thousands After 12-Team Parlay Actually Hit

Lucky sports gambler wins $40,000 on a wild 12-team parlay after betting just $20


Sports gambling definitely isn’t for everyone. Sure, while we hear stories about big payouts from minimal bets — like the lucky dudes who bought low on the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup last season and, surprisingly, actually saw it happen — there are more stories of sad saps who got burned by something completely out of their control. Hey, just look at that Mattress Mack dude, who lost an estimated $12 million after the Houston Astros lost the World Series to the Washington Nationals. Could you even imagine that kind of loss?

While I’m no longer part of the sports gambling community because, well, I’m just not very good at it, some sports fans just can’t help but scratch the itch. And, hey, you can’t give yourself a chance to win anything if you don’t play, right?

That must’ve been the mindset of one person this past weekend, who put a paltry $20 on a wild 12-team parlay that, shockingly, actually hit. The payout? A cool $40,000.

It’s one thing to go all in and try a 12-team parlay, it’s another to have all those teams actually cover, with the lucky sports gambler not just picking straight up winners, but against the spread — which is always a little bit harder, in my personal opinion. And to think he/she walked away with $40,000 after risking nothing more than an Andrew Jackson makes this all the more cool.

Let this serve as the most recent example that, yep, sports gambling can actually be a super lucrative industry for guys when something big hits. Of course, the house wins more often than not, but, every once in a while, something crazy like this happens and it turns into big news — and hope for other sports gamblers out there. So best of luck out there, bros, because you could be the one everyone’s talking about next week by simply putting some money on the game we all love.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)