St. Andrews Bullied Into Restoring Iconic Bridge After Golf World Got Loud

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus on the Swilcan Bridge

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The Old Course at St. Andrews is affectionately referred to as ‘the home of golf’ as it’s believed to be the first golf course ever built.

The 150th Open Championship was held at St. Andrews and golf fans shed tears worldwide as Tiger Woods crossed the iconic Swilcan Bridge for what is likely his last time competing in a St. Andrews Open Championship.

In golf, more of than not, history matters. It is a sport and world that is extremely resistant to change. Case in point, most private clubs in this country don’t even allow members to wear hats indoors.

The iconic St. Andrews Swilcan Bridge recently received a facelift in the name of preservation. A large path of stones was added where grass once stood and the golf world LOST IT’S MIND.

Now, St. Andrews has heard the people and is undergoing the decision to remove the Swilcan Bridge stones and put grass back in. They released a statement on Monday, February 6th that essentially shows that bullying worked, in this instance.

Their statement can be read in full above or here on their website, but this is the part that has people talking:

We have also taken on feedback from many partners and stakeholders as well as the golfing public and we would like to thank everyone who has been in touch for their contribution to the issue. The widespread attention and commentary is indicative of the regard in which St Andrews is held around the world and we are conscious of our role in preserving this heritage while recognising its hallowed grounds have continued to evolve to meet demands for more than 600 years.

In the coming days our team will be reinstating the area with turf. We would like to thank golfers for their patience as we continue this work.

Dan Rapaport referred to it as the ‘power of social media’ which is a kind way of saying ‘bullying worked’.

If you aren’t familiar with the St. Andrews Swilcan Bridge, check this out:

It is a bit unbelievable that St. Andrews would alter the Swilcan Bridge without making it public. The way people found out via social media seems to have contributed to the backlash.

But all’s well that ends well.

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