This Image Of The Stanley Cup Going Through Airport Security Is Awesome



The Stanley Cup is en route to Chicago because the Blackhawks have the opportunity to close out Tampa Bay tonight. And the Stanley Cup is just like the rest of us working Joes. It has to endure annoying airport security.

This morning, Philip Pritchard, the fine-haired keeper of the cup, shared a goosebump-inducing picture of the best trophy in sports going through an X-ray machine. Well, it’s goosebump-inducing if you’re a Blackhawks fan. If you’re not it’s only pretty cool.

One can only assume Pritchard was peppered with a million invasive questions about his luggage while copious amounts of contraband breezed through unnoticed.

A word of advice to the inanimate object: get some sleep on the plane. Something tells me the next week is going to be a blur of drunken escapades.

[H/T: @keeperoftheCup]

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