New Stat About The Most Turnover-Prone QBs Reveals Problems With Top Passers In The NFL

Dak Prescott Josh Allen

Ronald Martinez/Getty Image

In a surprising revelation by ESPN, four prominent NFL quarterbacks have been identified as the most turnover-prone passers when the game is on the line over the past three seasons.

The data sheds light on the performance of these players in crucial moments, adding an intriguing perspective to their otherwise stellar careers.

The quarterbacks in question are Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, Derek Carr of the New Orleans Saints, and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to ESPN’s statistics, Josh Allen tops the list with 36 turnovers in one-score games over the past three years, closely followed by Justin Herbert with 30 turnovers. Derek Carr occupies the third spot with 29 turnovers, while Dak Prescott is not far behind with 28 turnovers.

What makes these findings particularly noteworthy is the fact that both Josh Allen and Dak Prescott are currently among the highest-paid players in the NFL.

Furthermore, Justin Herbert, who is set to negotiate a new contract, is speculated to become the highest-paid player in league history upon signing.

Derek Carr, who recently joined the New Orleans Saints in the offseason, secured a lucrative four-year, $150 million contract with $100 million in guaranteed money, establishing him as one of the top earners in the league.

The revelation has garnered significant attention from fans, who have expressed surprise at the performance of these highly regarded quarterbacks in crucial moments. Some fans have labeled the statistic as “fascinating” and unexpected, highlighting the importance of maintaining composure under pressure.

Adding further insight to the discussion, former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III took to Twitter to provide additional context.

Griffin pointed out the win-loss records of the four quarterbacks in one-score games over the past three seasons, emphasizing the significance of protecting the ball in football.

Griffin’s tweet further underscores the correlation between turnover frequency and success in close games, highlighting the pivotal role that ball security plays in determining outcomes.

As the NFL offseason progresses and preparations for the upcoming season intensify, these statistics will undoubtedly spark discussions among fans, experts, and the teams themselves.

While these quarterbacks have showcased immense talent and success throughout their careers, these findings serve as a reminder that even the best players can struggle under the pressure of high-stakes situations.

Ultimately, the ability to protect the ball and limit turnovers remains a vital aspect of a quarterback’s game, especially when the game hangs in the balance.