Data Suggests State Farm Is Seriously Distancing Itself From QB Aaron Rodgers

State Farm removes Aaron Rodgers from Sunday

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

  • State Farm is the highest-profile endorsement of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and they typically a fortune every NFL Sunday to tout that partnership
  • Data from Sunday indicates that State Farm is placing very serious distance between Aaron Rodgers adn the business in the wake of his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show
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On Friday, the biggest story in the NFL world was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers going on The Pat McAfee Show and explaining his current situation. The entire segment was surreal and if you haven’t watched it yet you can catch up on quotes and reactions from the NFL world here.

On Saturday, a day after the interview, healthcare company Prevea Health announced they were terminating their partnership with Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, people on social media were constantly tweeting at and tagging State Farm and asking what they were going to do.

State Farm hasn’t publicly indicated plans to terminate a partnership with Aaron Rodgers. It’s a tricky situation for them because any non-decision is a decision, and any choice they make will be met with cheers and opposition when they’d much rather have avoided being part of the discussion at all. But, data from Sunday suggests State Farm is hiding from Aaron Rodgers like the plague.

An article on the Action Network outlines that on any given Sunday, State Farm’s commercials featuring Aaron Rodgers account for about 25% of the company’s commercials. This is across every market nationwide. On Sunday, Aaron Rodgers only appeared in 1.5% of all State Farm commercials according to Apex Marketing.

State Farm x Aaron Rodgers: Trouble in Paradise

So out of 394 State Farm commercials that ran nationwide on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers only appeared in roughly 6 total. This could be interpreted as a temporary measure that State Farm is taking until the furor settles down, or it could signal a broader change to come.

Aaron Rodgers can return to the Green Bay Packers this Saturday at the absolute earliest, that’s if he passes all of the health protocols in place. Or he could be out for a longer stint.

Meanwhile, the tweets about Aaron Rodgers and State Farm just keep rolling in:

Realistically, I never expected State Farm to run commercials featuring Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. I’m semi-surprised he appeared in even six. The news about Aaron Rodgers was fresh. They talked about it on every pre-game show and in the days leading up to Sunday.

It will be interesting to see what decisions State Farm makes this week regarding commercials featuring Aaron Rodgers.