Runner Falls Face First Into Barrier During Steeplechase, Nearly Decapitates Himself In The Rio Olympics

NOTE: apparently NBC’s no longer content with not allowing GIFs to be made, they’re not making their YouTube videos non-embeddable. So you will have to click through on that video and head over to YouTube to see the clip

This is probably the most insane injury I’ve seen so far from the Rio Olympics and I’m including that gymnast whose leg snapped in half. In this clip above you can see Jacob Araptany of Uganda in the 3000m Steeplechase lose his footing and fall face first into one of the barriers, catching it at an angle that nearly decapitated his head.

I’d happily make you a GIF of the incident so you could watch that slow-motion clip over and over but NBC and the IOC have expressly forbidden anyone outside of NBC Universal from making GIFs of the Rio Olympics, so for now you’ll just have to suffice with the clip above from the official NBC Olympics YouTube Channel.

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