Steph Curry Tried To Do A Twitter Q&A About His New Shoe, But All He Got Was Moon Questions

Steph Curry Twitter QA New Shoe Moon Questions

Getty Image / Pixabay

On Tuesday we reported about how Steph Curry went full Kyrie Irving and said he thought that the moon landing was fake.

Naturally, people lost their minds. He even ended up getting invited by NASA to take a tour of their lunar labs, which, as Jay Bilas pointed out, seemed a little too easy. By the way, NASA put the InSight lander on Mars just last week, so Curry is a troll of the highest degree.

As my esteemed colleague Cass wrote about Curry’s claim, “I think we can all agree that Steph Curry agrees to be dragged for this take from now until forever. Anytime he picks up a microphone in front of reporters they need to ask him why he is spreading misinformation to the children across America that idolize him.”

Turns out that was exactly what everyone else was thinking as when Curry tried to do a Q&A on Twitter about his new shoe, the Under Armour Curry 6 (AMAZING COINCIDENTAL TIMING, BATMAN!), all everyone wanted to talk about with him was the moon.

Way to come through strong, internet.