Stephen A. Smith Had An Incredibly Fiery Response To People Who Criticized Him For His Comments Concerning Colin Kaepernick’s Workout

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Colin Kaepernick has found himself at the center of plenty of drama over the course of his career (and in the three years since it unceremoniously came to a potential close), and this weekend, he found himself in the spotlight yet again when he arrived in Atlanta with the intention of attending a workout that was organized for him by the NFL.

However, things didn’t exactly pan out as intended, as the quarterback canceled the official event and held one of his own after the league attempted to force him to sign very questionable waiver that appeared to be part of an ultimatum gone wrong.

After the workout, Kaepernick spoke to some of the scouts in attendance and didn’t mince words when he told them what to say when they returned to their respective teams.

It’s safe to say Kaepernick didn’t take the advice of Stephen A. Smith, who spoke out before the showcase and said the former 49er needed to stop running his mouth if he wanted to make it back to the league.

The ESPN talking head wasn’t exactly thrilled with Kaepernick’s post-workout comments, as he ripped into him for being a drama queen and implied the quarterback is more concerned with being a martyr than a football player.

It would appear Smith’s comments managed to rustle the jimmies of people who seemed to think the personality had something against Kaepernick for speaking his mind on various issues, and on Tuesday’s installment of First Take, the personality took a couple of minutes to clarify his views and rip into his critics with a vintage rant.

Smith said his criticisms of Kaepernick have nothing to do with the social justice issues he’s advocating for but rather the way he’s seemingly “antagonizing” the NFL with his words and actions

It’s worth noting he conveniently declined to address the waiver that seemed to play a major role in how things panned out over the weekend, but if history is any indication, it won’t be long until he comes out with an incredibly spicy take concerning it.

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