Stephen Jackson Calls For NBA Players To Sit Out Season, Blasts ‘White Owners’ For Not Speaking Out Against Racial Injustices

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Stephen Jackson, a former NBA player who was close friends with George Floyd, says NBA players should sit out the season amid racial tensions in the country.

According to Jackson, playing basketball during the Black Lives Matter protests will “take all the attention off the task at hand right now and what we’re fighting for.”

“I love the NBA man, that’s my family,” “But now ain’t the time to be playing basketball y’all. Now ain’t the time. Playing basketball is gonna do one thing, take all the attention off the task at hand right now and what we fighting for.”

“Everybody gonna be worried about the playoffs, they gonna have that blasting all over the TV, and nobodies gonna be talking about getting justice for all these senseless murders by these police and nobody’s gonna be focused on the task at hand,” J

Jackson goes on to criticize owners for not being more vocal against racial injustices.

“None of these white owners have spoken up, none of ’em are taking a stand. Yeah, they might post a video when the season start of saying what we should do, but they ain’t doing nothing.”

Jackson’s comments come a day after several NBA players including Kyrie Irving voiced their concern about restarting the season amid social unrest in the country.

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