Steve Smith is the Best Hothead in the NFL

Here's what makes Smith such a rarity in the NFL world, and why he'd be everyone's favorite player if more people gave a damn about the Panthers: He's the one hothead wide receiver who actually backs up his shit. Smith burned Jenkins for a touchdown and pointed right at the DB, following it up with a lengthy—even by Smith's standards—touchdown dance (and subsequent taunting penalty). It was the 800th catch of his career. “He's just another notch on the bedpost,” Smith said. “That's 800. He ain't no different.”

Jenkins later tried to backtrack on Twitter.

But is it really a checkmate when A. You're lying on the ground to watch the TD and B. Smith drops this verbal deuce on you?

“When you embarrass people you rub it in their face,” Smith said. “When your dog pisses on the carpet, you rub it in his face.”

[H/T: CBS Sports]