Tiger Woods’ Former Caddie Talks About The ‘Love-Hate’ Relationship He Had With Vijay Singh

Steve Williams On The Relationship Between Tiger Woods And Vijay Singh

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  • Tiger Woods’ long time caddie Steve Williams spoke about the golfer’s rivalry with Vijay Singh.
  • The rivalry was discussed in the context of Williams caddying for Tiger at the 2002 Masters.
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This past Friday, Tiger Woods’ long time caddie Steve Williams spoke about the GOAT’s rivalry with Vijay Singh back in the day.

Williams and Australian Golf Digest writer Evin Priest were talking about the 2002 Masters, the one that was supposedly Tiger-proofed, when the subject of Singh came up. (Tiger ended up winning the tournament at 12-under, three shots ahead of Retief Goosen and seven ahead of Singh, who finished seventh.)

“What did you make of Tiger and Vijay’s rivalry over the years?” Priest asked Williams.

“Yeah, that’s a good question,” Williams responded with a chuckle.

Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh were similar in a lot of ways

“Vijay is obviously held with a lot of respect given the amount of practice he does. There’s no player that spent more time practicing than Vijay did, and obviously a very good player,” Williams said on the Chasing Majors podcast. “He had a stretch there one year where he was like, almost as good as Tiger or, you know, if not better than Tiger, when he had that amazing stretch there.

“Vijay was always a bit of a streaky kind of putter and probably not as consistent on the greens. He was always a threat, but it was a great rivalry because it was sort of a love hate sort of thing. You know, they both love each other, hate each other sort of thing. So, they both have deep respect for each other’s game and they always want to beat each other’s brains in, that’s for sure.”

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“He was a bit like Tiger in a sense, wasn’t he, that he was very much a lone wolf,” Priest added.

“Yeah, [Vijay] certainly does things his own way and does things differently,” Williams responded.