Steve-O Gets Choked Out By UFC Champ Chuck Liddell On A Mountain In Peru

Steve-O’s last stunt was getting engaged to his girlfriend Lux Wright. Now, Steve-O takes on a less frightening stunt — being choked out by Chuck Liddell. Steve-O posted a video clip of him being incapacitated by the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion to promote a new YouTube show he’s on.

The former Jackass star appears in a new YouTube Red show called Ultimate Expedition where “nine strangers are brought together to summit a 20,000-foot mountain in the Peruvian Andes.” Celebrities attempt to climb Mount Tocllaraju in the YouTube exclusive show that is hosted by Dudesons ringleader Jukka Hildén. The MMA fighter nicknamed “The Iceman” puts Steve-O to sleep with a hearty headlock. Steve-O, whose real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover, temporarily loses consciousness from the nasty chokehold by Chuck Liddell. More like Choke Liddell.

Steve-O has also been choked out by UFC mixed martial artist Tim Kennedy.

Please don’t try this at home, it is dangerous. Stick to eating Tide Pods.

Steve-O didn’t just spend his time in Peru getting choked out by UFC fighters. He also went to Lima where he adopted an adorable street dog.