LIVE UPDATES: The Super League Is Falling Apart, Billionaire Owners Jumping Ship, Chairmen Resigning Left And Right

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After sparking unprecedented backlash with the announcement of The Super League on Sunday night — a 20-team competition that would’ve seen the game’s elite clubs branch off into their own sequestered league — some of the billionaires behind the footballing Frankenstein have already begun backing out, with reports now indicating that Manchester City, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona are preparing to withdraw from the league, with other clubs reportedly preparing to follow suit. Given the current momentum in the soccer community, it appears that The Super League is on the fast track to death row.

Given the sheer chaos in the soccer world right now, and the rapidness at which news regarding The Super League is breaking, this article will be updated live with all of the latest information.

Tuesday’s Chelsea vs. Brighton match was delayed due to protests outside the stadium:

Manchester City, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona reportedly backing out of The Super League:


Manchester United Chairman Ed Woodward has resigned:

Manchester United fans have been calling for Ed Woodward to lose his job forΒ years. Now, as a result of the backlash to The Super League (Woodward would’ve been one of the league’s co-chairs), he’s out the door.


The 12 ESL teams reportedly meeting tonight to discuss disbanding the league:

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has resigned:

There is speculation the Glazer Family could sell Manchester United:

Chelsea and Manchester City have officially withdrawn from The Super League, per The Athletic:

All Liverpool players have posted the following message to social media opposing The Super League:

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has released a statement commending Manchester City’s and Chelsea’s decision to walk away from The Super League

Manchester City has become the first club to formally back out of The Super League

Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United have announced their withdrawal from The Super League:

The sudden reversal from those in charge of these various clubs just proves that the soulless billionaires making the decisions were simply trying to create The Super League because they thought they could. They thought the fandom would shut up and take their medicine like they have for the past generation. They were wrong.

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