Frozen ‘Slurpee Waves’ Showed Up Off New Jersey And These Surfers Are NUTS For Riding These Slush Puppies

slurpee waves ice surfing winter

Shutterstock / gavrilovany

Earlier in the week, I brought you bros footage of frozen ‘Slurpee Waves‘ off of Nantucket. With the bomb cyclone winter storm which tore through the Northeast and New England last week we saw some crazy ass conditions. At one point, the temperatures in parts of the New England were colder than Mars. Just let that sink in.

You’d have to be one crazy ass individual to see a storm like that come to town and think ‘I bet there’s gonna be some bitchin’ waves to ride’ but that’s the exact train of thought some certifiably insane surfers went through. When news began to spread that frozen ‘Slurpee Waves’ hit Nantucket some crazy surfers to the South were jealous. One surfer in particular, Jonathan Hoover of New Jersey, said that surfing Slurpee Waves was a lifelong dream for him.

The frozen waves hit New Jersey yesterday and the craziest surfers on the planet donned their thickest wetsuits in pursuit of a truly miserable experience. The thrill of riding frozen waves is one which my warm-blooded Floridian ass cannot even begin to fathom.

Who sees these conditions and thinks ‘it’s time to paddle out’?!?!

For more pictures and videos of the frozen Slurpee waves in New Jersey, you can CLICK HERE to visit Grind TV who was first to report on these crazy waves in the Garden State yesterday and the surfers who were insane enough to ride them.

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