Former U.S. Olympic Athlete Turned High-Priced Hooker Talks About The First Time She Banged A Client, Threesomes

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Suzy Favor Hamilton is a former distance runner and olympic athlete for Team USA, she also went by the name ‘Kelly Lundy’ while working as a high-priced prostitute, an illicit profession her husband was supposedly aware of at the time. After being outed as a top-tier hooker back in 2012 Suzy Favor Hamilton lost her sponsorships from Disney and Nike, and the Big Ten renamed the Female Athlete of the Year Award, an award that previously carried her namesake. Jump forward a few years and the former olympic runner has written a tell-all book talking about the threesome between herself, her husband, and a hooker in Las Vegas that unlocked something within her that set her on the path towards banging dudes for money.

I figured I’d pull a few excerpts from various sites around the web, handpicking the most interesting parts of her life working in the world’s oldest profession.

First up we’ve got an excerpt from the New York Post on what drew Suzy Favor Hamilton in the world of prostitution and selling her body (and her husband knowing about everything):

The 47-year-old mom reveals she was drawn to the oldest profession after giving her husband, Mark Hamilton, an unusual 20th wedding anniversary gift.
They went to Vegas, and hired an escort — a hooker named “Pearl” who pleasured both of them.
“Pearl had flipped a switch inside me, awakening a certainty that I could please clients even more than she’d pleased me,” she writes.

Bizarrely, her husband knew of, and grudgingly allowed, her new job as “Kelly” the call girl.
“I said I had to do this if I was going to be happy,” she writes.
“Somehow he agreed.”

I will not pass judgement on any couple for their sexual and marital arrangements. I say ‘to each his (or her) own.’ If a couple wants to go to Las Vegas and tag team a hooker then that’s their prerogative, so who am I to judge them for that?

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The next excerpt comes from Sports Illustrated:

I flashed back to the luxurious penthouse suite where I’d spent the past two hours. It had been my first appointment with this handsome client, but I’d walked in and given him a kiss straightaway, letting my mouth linger on his. I wanted him to imagine I’d been aching to see him all day. I’d taken him to the bed, showing him that I was the one in charge. He’d liked it. Ceding control turned him on, in contrast to his daily life as the CEO of a major corporation.

I had earned $1,200 doing something I loved. I thought of my next appointment, later that night. By then I’d be buzzing even more, telegraphing that I was the kind of wild girl who could make his dreams come true.

Now that I’d devoted myself to sex, my need to be unsurpassed in the bedroom had replaced the need to be best on the track. But this was even better, because I’d hated the competition necessary to win a race. Everything about being an escort was enjoyable. I didn’t want to go back to my old life. Not ever.

The passion with which she writes about banging dudes in penthouses for $$$$$ is proof enough that if someone wants to sell their body for money they should be allowed to. Why should anyone be able to stop her from LEGALLY prostituting herself out if that’s what she wants to do???

Getting back to the excerpts from Sports Illustrated, they’ve actually got a pretty massive chunk of Suzy Favor Hamilton’s book ‘Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness‘ that delves into her life as an olympic runner and her subsequent transition into high-priced prostitution. All of it is worth a read, because it really is perversely fascinating.

You can also purchase Suzy Favor Hamilton’s book (which comes out in 4 days) by following the link below to Amazon:

‘Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness’ by Suzy Favor Hamilton