Rays Fan Wearing American Flag Windbreaker Catches Foul Ball, Celebrates Like MC Hammer On Meth

[mlbvideo id=”131248583″ width=”640″ height=”420″ /]

During last night’s Memorial Day contest between the Rays of Tampa Bay and the Seattle Mariners, one Rays fan clad in an Old Glory windbreaker caught a fly ball to the left field corner and proceeded to celebrate as if he was MC Hammer and just got his first taste of meth. The jubilation, the dance moves…it’s almost too much. That’s pure, unbridled enthusiasm for the game of baseball, and America.

Now that the Tampa Bay Rays have been unanimously named as ‘America’s Team’ it’s important that fans show their patriotism on camera like this when given the opportunity. In order to uphold our fanbase’s reputation as the most beloved team in baseball we really need to go ALL OUT when that camera pans over, and catches us Rays fans in the stand. Even though America’s Team are currently riding a three-game losing streak they’re still holding down 1st place in the AL East, ahead of the Yankees and the Red Sox who throw money into the wind just to see if it’ll fly away.

It’s truly remarkable that the Tampa Bay Rays have been able to uphold their end of the bargain this season as America’s Team when nearly the entire starting pitching staff has gone down due to injury, and the Rays are forced to compete with minor league talent on the mound. I guess it just goes to show how much better the Rays’ organization is run than the rest of the league, and how great Kevin Cash is at managing America’s Team on the baseball diamond. Who needs Joe Maddon when we’ve got Kevin Cash? He’s been able to hold down the lead in the AL East with a squad that would force most managers into shameful retirement. But not Kevin. He’s got America’s Team in 1st place.