Terrell Owens Destroyed Jason Garrett In Epic Twitter Tirade Over The Cowboys Loss To The Rams

Terrell Owens Destroyed Jason Garrett On Twitter After Cowboys Loss

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As Erin Andrews liked to point out (over and over) during this year’s NFL playoffs, prior to this season the Dallas Cowboys had only won three playoff games since 1995 until their victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

For eight-and-a-half of those seasons, the Cowboys head coach has been Jason Garrett. During those eight-and-a-half seasons, Garrett – the eighth coach in the franchises’ history – has led the team to the playoffs three times and won two of those playoff games.

That’s not exactly great. And some people out there think it’s time for Garrett to move on, including one-time Dallas wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Owens, who believes that Garrett is the reason Jerry Jones went back on his word to keep him on the Cowboys in 2010, levied some very harsh criticism at the Cowboys coach as they headed to another playoff exit.

Owens, while definitely bitter, isn’t exactly wrong. Garrett, who started with the team in 2007 as the offensive coordinator, is by far the longest tenured Cowboys head coach in the Jerry Jones era, has won more than eight games in a season in just four of his eight full seasons, and has won just two playoff games (one against the Lions), counting this year.

Coaches have certainly been let go who have accomplished more than that.

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