Terry Bradshaw Jokes He Wants To Die On Air For The Ratings

Terry Bradshaw

Getty Image / Taylor Hill

Terry Bradshaw is one of the most beloved talking heads in football these days. It’s nice to see him still have fun as an analyst after all these years.

Having said that, you never really know what Bradshaw is going to say either. Which is part of what makes him so entertaining.

During the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Terry Bradshaw made a wild joke that has football fans buzzing.

According to Andrew Mason, the popular football analyst jokes that he wants to die on air “for the rating.” Here’s his full quote below.

The former Super Bowl-winning quarterback is always saying something to get a laugh out of people. But this could be a bit over the top considering some of Terry Bradshaw’s health concerns.

On top of that, nobody would be laughing if he actually died on air. But his comment, “for the ratings” does make it a little funny. Football fans sure seem to think so.

We all love, Terry.

Terry Bradshaw can definitely be out of pocket at times.

In the end, we love Terry Bradshaw for his sense of humor and wild statements. Because you never really know what’s going to come out of his mouth.