Fans Question Texas A&M Coaches After Seeing Bizarre Spring Practice Decision

A Texas A&M logo on a football.

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The Texas A&M football team is looking for a bounce back season in 2023. The program is fresh off its first losing campaign as an SEC member.

That outcome included an embarrassing loss to Appalachian State, as well as conference setbacks to unranked foes like South Carolina, Auburn, and Mississippi State.

The results led to sweeping changes in College Station, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

The Aggies opted to hire a dedicated offensive coordinator after seeing Jimbo Fisher struggle to act as both OC and head coach. Bobby Petrino could be a home run hire given his experience and past success in the league.

Fisher failed to field a competent offense while also losing control of the locker room last year, evidenced by a number of midyear suspensions. Petrino should give the unit an immediate boost while allowing the head coach to focus on his managerial role.

The new hire represents a major step forward, though there is some uncertainty surrounding Fisher’s willingness to fully relinquish the play calling duties. Still, Petrino appears to be moving forward in his new position.

This week, however, one of his spring practice decisions has led to confusion amongst Texas A&M fans.

Petrino is using rugby balls for receiving drills as opposed to footballs.

Apparently, the Giants tried something similar a last season. Wideout Darius Slayton said that catching rugby balls makes footballs seem like Nerf balls.

Fans online aren’t quite sold on the idea. Check out the immediate reaction from fans around the sport.

One person wrote, “A rugby ball is bigger, rounder, and easier to catch. It’s designed to be easier to catch. This is laughable.” Someone else joked, “Iā€™m pretty decent at putt-putt so Iā€™m confident I can be a pro golfer.”

Here are a few other fan reactions.

We’ll see if the strategy pays off for Texas A&M next year.