Here’s Why The Rock Will Never, And Should Never, Wrestle Again

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Wrestlemania 31 is scheduled for March 29, 2015 so wrestling fans a little under five months to deal with all of the rumors that surround the grandaddy event. Every other week the Wrestlemania 31 rumors have revolved around the possible return of The Rock or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

These rumors keep swirling because, well, the WWE is a little light on big name talent at the moment. Brock Lesnar is a part-time champ with a contract expiring after Wrestlemania 31, John Cena will be there to soak in the boos and cheers, Roman Reigns might be ready, Daniel Bryan definitely won’t be ready and the other possible main event names aren’t currently big enough to headline a major show.

That leaves The Rock and Austin and possibly Sting and a long shot return of The Undertaker. Right now, the most likely name looks like Sting because The Undertaker is as good as retired and both The Rock and Steve Austin have said “we’re not interested.”

Things could change in a heartbeat in wrestling but it’s highly unlikely to think any of those performers, especially The Rock, will step back into the ring. In fact, I’m begging those guys to never wrestle again, ESPECIALLY THE ROCK.

This news item provides most of my argument so let’s cover it first:

Furious 7 releases just five days after WrestleMania, in what is expected to be a major blockbuster. He’ll be handling a ton of promotion for the film as Universal Pictures looks to build on the $788 million that Fast & Furious 6 earned….

It’s unlikely that Universal Studios – or the studios for his other projects – would want him wrestling at the event. A major factor in the situation is The Rock’s torn adductor at WrestleMania 29, which prevented him from several media obligations for Pain & Gain, including the movie’s premiere. The film was still a financial success, earning $86 million to its $26 million budget, but movie studios would prefer to have their stars ready for interviews and show appearances.

Many people, besides Dwayne Johnson himself, have money tied up in the movie franchise known as The Rock. The last thing they’re going to want is their proven moneymaker wrestling and possibly losing them money by getting injured. Corporate dollars are a heavy hand holding The Rock out of the ring by the tights.

My second reason for The Rock never wrestling again is because he doesn’t need to. He’s got nothing to prove. He owes the WWE nothing. They’ve made more than enough money off him the past fifteen that he doesn’t have to feel obligated to the organization that gave him his start. I know guys like to come back and give a rub to a new guy by putting him over but any one of the stars The Rock would face would get little in return. Defeating a once-a-year wrestler doesn’t elevate anything but the PPV numbers and even that’s a short term fix. Once The Rock leaves to do another movie, so do the casual fans.

The Rock never has to wrestle again. The Rock should never wrestle again. If you smell what I’m cooking.

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