Crazy Body Surfing Supercut From The Wedge In SoCal Is Proof That Some Bros Have A Death Wish

All it takes is a decent south swell to show up on the Southern California forecast and all eyes in the body surfing and bodyboarding community turn towards The Wedge.

Located at the eastern end of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, The Wedge is world famous in the surfing community for producing enormous wedge-shaped waves when the proper swell hits. It just so happens of those south/southwest swells came to southern California recently and The Wedge went off.

The unique wave isn’t built for traditional surfers but anyone riding a bodyboard/boogie board or paddling into a wave as a bodyboarder knows that The Wedge offers a unique opportunity to catch some of the most batshit crazy waves on the planet.

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Bodyboarders and bodysurfers often get tossed by the wayside when it comes to surfing coverage but that’s what makes The Wedge so special.

The waves at The Wedge are so insane that the resulting footage means the surfing community can’t ignore bodysurfers and bodyboarders. They finally get their fair share of the surfing coverage whenever this SoCal break goes off.

Each year we see one great supercut from The Wedge, give or take a few, and thanks to a recent swell we finally have 2018’s best footage from The Wedge.

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I want to send a big shout out to anyone crazy enough to paddle into The Wedge when the waves are going off. It takes a special kind of crazy to paddle head first into a wave without any real way to maneuver where you’re going other than fins.

This all went down ~10 days ago on August 17th but I just came across the video thanks to The Inertia who shared this clip over the weekend.

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