Tiger Woods Apologizes After Being Accused Of ‘Spreading Misogyny’ For Handing Justin Thomas A Tampon

Tiger Woods at the Genesis Invitational

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Tiger Woods has issued an apology after playing a viral prank on Justin Thomas.

On Thursday, Woods for handed Thomas a tampon as a joke during the first round of the Genesis Invitational.

Several people including USA Today’s Christine Brennan didn’t find Woods’ prank funny.

In her column on Friday, Brennan blasted Woods for ‘giddily spreading misogyny’ by handing Thomas a tampon.

Via USA Today

when the biggest name in the sport’s history is giddily spreading misogyny down the fairway, it might just confirm a woman’s suspicions about golf and send her to any one of the scores of other sports she can play for the rest of her life without running into a dude playing a juvenile tampon joke.

While speaking to the media on Friday, Woods apologized if had offended anyone with his prank.

“It was supposed to be fun and games but obviously it hasn’t turned out that way, if I offended anyone, that was not the case it was just friends having fun.”

“If I offended anyone in any way shape or form, I’m sorry, it was not intended to be that way”

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